Wednesday, September 12, 2012

VinylLuver goes on Holiday

So its been a little bit quiet at VinylLuver HQ! I apologise in advance but I got myself a new job recently and  that has been sapping my strength of late! I have also been planning my 40th Birthday Delayed Denial Holiday (ooh that was a mouthful)! Thats right luvers, this Friday and I am off to the Europea for a holiday! I was last there in 2009 and its been too long! I lived in London for 8 years back in the noughties so I have lots of people to see and lots of record stores to visit. Also planning to visit France, Italy and Spain to soak up some rays and see the relos! I am determined to try to buy some vinyl in all the cities I visit but I may not get there. I will def be getting to some record stores in London, Barcelona, Madrid and maybe Naples.

One person I will be catching up with is my music mate Peter Dixon in London (aka as VinylLuver London correspondent). Jessie Ware's WILDEST MOMENTS is his song of the summer so enjoy here it is peoples! She defs has something going on!

I unfortunately am a little less subtle with my music choices and here is probably my favourite HOLIDAY song even though relations between me and this artist are rather strained at the moment as the silly tart won't tour down under! Anyhoo I don't really care as I'll be going on holiday! See you in 4 weeks with hopefully a tan and a whole bunch of records!