Friday, May 11, 2012


My name is Phillip and I am a Eurovision tragic! The Eurovision Song Contest is on the 26 May 2012 (Australian time) and I for one cannot wait. I LOVE EUROVISION! It's like the best song contest in the world and its an event. I became a big fan during my London years. Its hard to keep up the love when you're living in Oceania but I still make an effort to watch the FINAL and BAR any form of news, websites or social media that might leak the winner.I haven't had a Eurovision soiree since 2008 so I think it maybe time to have a Eurovision do. I have yet to listen to any of the songs for 2012 as I've been pre-occupied with a certain birthday. I do know that Engelbert Humperdink is the UK entrant with a big ballad. Lets be honest folks, they are SO not going to win with Engelbert! 

Here are some of my favourite recent Eurovision moments!

Iceland were ROBBED in 2010 when Hera Bjork didn't win with this fab Euro number JE NE SAIS QUOIS. I was singing this for days afterwards!

Who remembers SAKIS - the Greek entrant from 2009. The man embodies everything that is Eurovision. He should've won just for wearing WHITE! He only managed 7th place.

Azerbaijan WON in 2011 with this great ballad RUNNING SCARED by Ell and Nikki.

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