Friday, June 1, 2012

I've just found out about Perfume Genius

My friend Peter Dixon in London told me about a band he has been listening to of late called Perfume Genius (Mike Hadreas). Tonight, I headed straight to youtube to investigate and I LIKE! I came across this lovely video for HOOD (which features porn star Arpad Miklos). 
He reminds me of Sufjan StevensAntony and the Johnsons and a touch of Rufus Wainwright all rolled into 1. Its obvious from the few songs I have listened to that Mike Hadreas writes and performs songs with an intensity which is missing from many artists. I love it when I find a new musical gay sensation. Its been a while since that happened. He has released 2 albums and his second LP was released in February this year called Put Your Back N to It. I think this is an album I need to buy!
Perfume Genius being interviewed about his music, his gayness and his fragility as well as playing some songs from Put Your Back N to It for Pitchfork.

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