Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Boy George vs Lana Del Rey

I am very surprised that I have yet to write a post about Boy George. I only idiolised him from the years 1984 to 1998 (or there abouts) religiously. I guess I should write some more about the Boy George years. Anyway he has gone and done a cover of the Luscious Lana Del Rey song VIDEO GAMES (see below) which will be on an upcoming self-released covers album. The song seems to suit his husky voice and I definitely think ballads are where its at for George. This reminds me of George's post-Jesus Loves You (1991-1994) period where he became very folky and was singing very stripped back songs like YOU ARE THE DEAL (which metamorphised into THE DEAL).
The Boy with Lana!

And in other George related news he has had a few ups and downs on Twitter of late with his account being spammed. His last tweets suggest he may be having a rest for a while. See the below.


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