Saturday, December 10, 2011

There is only one Sade

A dream came true last night. I saw Sade live in concert. I have LOVED LOVED LOVED Sade ever since hearing Smooth Operator in 1984. She opened the show with Soldier of Love and then sang for 2+ hours including all the songs we wanted to hear. The wait was worth it and she delivered! The standout tracks for me were Jezebel, Is it a Crime and Pearls (there is a woman in Somalia opening lyric).These are my favourite Sade songs for their powerful lyrics. The lyric "my love is wider than Victoria Lake, taller than the Empire State" - simply epic! She also sang Your Love is King, Kiss of Life, Sweetest Taboo, Paradise, and a number of other tracks from Soldier of Love. The encore was No Ordinary Love and By Your Side which i thought was a surprising choice to close the show. The amazing visuals were done by Sade's good friend and video maker Sophie Muller.All I can say there is only one Sade!

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