Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From Nick Rhodes with Love

Nick Rhodes sent me this postcard after i sent him the Australian Duran Duran covers album The Songs of Duran Duran UnDone from 1999. I had just moved to London and this made my LIFE! There will be a few more Duran Duran posts in the leadup to their All You Need is Now Australian Tour coming up this March/April.


  1. That's a great item Phillip! I have a postcard from Yasmin Le Bon after I sent them a baby gift one year. Enjoy your shows next month!

  2. Thanks Cindy. One of my treasured Duran items. I also have a letter from Yasmin too. Not sure i'll post that though.

  3. Hi! I just attended their gig in Singapore last night, it was amazing! May I know how you sent them gifts? Through some official fanmail address or?
    Thanks loads! (:

    (I LOVE NICK RHODES! He's my fave member of the band :D but he didn't speak much during the concert and there weren't meet and greets, so ...well... a postcard would make my year! )

  4. Hope you enjoyed the gig himerusanderos! I am seeing them on 31 March! Can't wait! I have Nick's home address and sent the CD to him directly! BTW - Nick is my favourite too. Such a character as well being one the wittiest, smartest men in POP!