Saturday, February 4, 2012

The MDNA comeback begins - Give Me All Your Luvin' video released

The first single from Madonna's forthcoming album MDNA has been unleashed. GIVE ME ALL YOUR LUVIN' (featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A) features cheerleaders, American footoballers and Madge dressing up as if she was still on the Virgin Tour, channelling Marilyn Monroe with a touch of Breathless Mahoney thrown in. I LOVE this song and i think its a return to form for Madonna.


  1. I love this video, it is her best since Hung Up, she looks hot in her black gear with crucifix chain!

    BUT I do not like this song!! It's very average and Nicki Minaj/M.I.A add nothing special...the whole thing is very Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl and not very original. I do like the LUV MDNA chant but the song has a very weak's still better than 4 Minutes but the queen can do better.

    Let's hope the album makes up for it!.


  2. I do like the song and it shits all over the Hard Candy album. I actually like the Nicki Minaj contribution but not sure about M.I.A. Can't can't for the album!

  3. I liked both hung up and 4 minutes. As a DJ both were guaranteed floor fillers as so many of her songs are. This song doesn't really do anything for me though and isn't very dancefloor friendly. Like the video but the song's pretty average in my opinion.

  4. HUNG UP is a great track. Confessions is my fave Madonna album.
    It seems Gimme hasn't done all that well so will be interesting to see how the MDNA album goes.