Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Saint Etienne video Tonight

Saint Etienne have released the video for their new single - TONIGHT. The single is from their first album in 7 years - 'Words and Music'. The video is ace and I love the London nightlife scenes.Those neon signs are doing things for me! This song is classic Saint Etienne and its great to have them back in 2012! My only criticism is how the song simply fades into the distance at the end. 
Saint Etienne have released the cover art to 'Words and Music' and the track-listing which will be released on 21 May 2012. The band will undertake a short British tour to support the release. The last time they released an album I was living in London so will be interesting to see what coverage the band get down under.
Saint Etienne Words & Music
1. Over the Border
2. I've Got Your Music
3. Heading For the Fair
4. Last Days of Disco
5. Tonight
6. Answer Song
7. Record Doctor
8. Popular
9. 25 Years
10. DJ
11. When I Was Seventeen
12. I Threw it All Away
13. Haunted Jukebox

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