Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Favourite Record Stores

So I have been buying music since 1985. Thats 27 years of record, cd and cassette buying. Record stores are closing down all the time which I find so terribly sad. Remember to support RECORD STORE DAY which will take place on 21 APRIL 2012 (i'll be doing a post closer to the time). I thought I would list some of my favourite record stores from around the world and invite you to let me know some of your favourites. If anyone can recommend any good vinyl shops in Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin (potential destinations for my European trip this September) that would be great! I have been to many record stores across Europe while I was living in London and remember spending a few hours in an amazing store in Nice in France (but can't remember the name - does anyone know the one I am talking about?). The stores listed below are the ones that I return to if I am in these cities and which are still going strong (as far as I am aware).

143 York Street, Sydney, Australia
This has everything, new cds, new vinyl releases from USA and UK, second hand section, dvds, magazines and books. I have bought new and second hand here. I remember picking up a Goldfrapp RIDE ON A WHITE HORSE 12 inch for $5 which i was pretty pleased about. They also do PA's from time to time and I managed to meet the delightful Washington at Red Eye in 2010.
3 Wilson St, Newtown, Sydney, Australia
This is a second hand and collectables store with hard to find vinyl, cds and memorabilia but if you get down on your knees there are many bargain bins to have a rumage through. I never leave this store without a 7inch from the bargain bin. The last one i bought was a Style Council SHOUT TO THE TOP 7 inch for 50 cents.
Big Star
207c Sturt Rd, Marion, Adelaide, Australia
I visit this shop every Christmas when I go back to Adelaide and I always buy something (always good to support the local shops). All of the records  I bought last Christmas were from this shop. See my Records i bought on my Christmas Holidays post for all the gory details.
various stores across Melbourne, Australia
I love this chain of stores so much that last time i was in Melbourne I visited the Prahan and Fitzroy stores. The Prahan store closed down in 2011 but there are still 4 stores across Melbourne. Highly recommend going if you are in Melbourne and looking for vinyl or music. You will find something here for sure!
Stores across London in Berwick Street, Soho, Camden Town, Notting Hill, Greenwich, United Kingdom
The staff in these stores have been known to be rude so don't expect any amazing customer service. They have great stock and if you are looking for something they will have it! The Berwick Street branch has a great bargain basement. There are a few stores owned by Music and Video Exchange in Notting Hill, including a bargain basement and collectables shop. I once found an autographed Thompson Twins album on cassette in the bargain basement shop!   
34 Berwick Street, Soho, London, United Kingdom
This is the independent record shop to go to in London. They have all the new releases on vinyl from the UK and USA as well as comprehensive selection of CDs. There are also PA's here and I saw The Feeling here in 2005 (with Sophie Ellis Bextor in the audience) and the end of We Are Scientists PA also in 2005 or 2006.
50 Essex Road, Islington, London, United Kingdom
Another favourite of mine from my London days. I used to visit this store regularly when I was living in Kings Cross (circa 2003-4). Sells mostly second hand vinyl, CDs and DVDS. The collectables are in the basement. There are bargain racks out front. I remember buying a Blur tour program from 1993 for 50p here. Those were the days, now they just make Brit award album winners cut short their speeches!
66 rue de la Verrerie, PARIS 75004, France
Perhaps the gayest record store you'll ever visit. It has large collections on Madonna, Kylie and other GAY ICONS. There are also sale bins in front of the store. I didn't buy anything the last time I was there but had my hands on a Bananarama shaped Picture Disc for ROBERT DENIRO'S WAITING and I regret not buying it!
Sas Paul Bouliner (du Quartier Latin)
20 Bd St Michel, PARIS 75006, France
This is a second hand store in Paris which focuses on books but also has records. Upstairs has a large amount of French and European pressings of 7 inches and albums. The last time I was there in 2009 I purchased 9 X 7inches. You need to rummage but its always worth it!

51 rue des Archives, le Marais, Paris, France
This shop sells magazines, brochures, old fashion catalogues and is a treasure trove (OK so its not a record store but its my blog and i'll list it if I want to). It has a large selection of old magazines from France and around the world. Well worth a visit. Please note its a dusty store but well worth visiting should you ever be looking for that Chanel catalogue from 1991. 
Utrechtsestraat 62-60, 1017 VP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
I have only been to this store once but remember it being very well stocked with vinyl. This store is part of a chain of stores across the Netherlands.Well worth visiting if you are in dutchieland.

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  1. Oh, Barcelona! Not only is it one of my favourite cities in the world but i has some of the best record stores. Try the streets around Elisabets (near the Casa Camper hotel) and you must go to Wah Wah records in El Raval. It's small-ish but you will spend hours in there.

    However the best record store I have been to so far is without doubt Amoeba Records in Hollywood, California. It is the size of a Bunnings store and has so much vinyl you could easily spend a whole week in there.


  2. Thanks for the Barcelona vinyl store recommendations Jimbo! Can't wait to explore! i must get to Amoeba before I die!