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Kylie's K25

Kylie Minogue has been a popstar/singer for 25 years. Think about that for a moment. She has lasted when so many haven't. Her first single, THE LOCOMOTION  was Number 1 for 7 weeks in Australia. It was the biggest selling single in Australia in the 1980's. Kylie is Australia's biggest popstar EVER! She made one of the best songs of the noughties - CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD, which was Number 1 in over 40 countries. I have been there for all 25 years. So this post is a celebration of Kylie Minogue and the last 25 years. Kylie has survived breast cancer. Kylie is the Princess of Pop. Kylie is from Melbourne, Australia. Kylie I salute you and let the K25 celebrations begin!
  • Kylie has record/cd sales of 68 million
  • Kylie has had 10 Australian Number 1 Singles
  • Kylie has had a Number 1 album in each of the 4 decades she has released albums
  • NME called her the "Goddess of POP"
  • Clive James appointed her "Woman of the Decade" for the 1980's
  • Kylie has very good taste in men. That is all!
My Favourite Kylie Song of All Time - BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW
This was the 1st single from Kylie's 3rd album, 'Rhythm of Love'. This was the beginning of SexKylie. Kylie was dating Michael Hutchence and decided  it was time to take control of her career. Kylie released this pop classic and the video caused controversy at the time as we weren't used to seeing Kylie with sexually suggestive scenes in her videos. The song reached Number 4 in Australia and Number 2 in the UK. I LOVE THIS SONG.

Memorable Kylie Magazine Covers
Kylie Minogue - Pop Magazine [United Kingdom] (2003)

Kylie in Concert
I have seen Kylie in concert 6 times. I travelled to Melbourne from Adelaide (with my sister) as an 18 year old Kylie Superfan for her only Melbourne date on  9 February 1990 for the Enjoy Yourself Tour. I just had to be in the audience for her first concert tour of Australia. I have since seen her 5 times.
My 1st Kylie concert  ticket stubb
15 February 1991 - Rhythm of Love Tour - Adelaide Memorial Drive
14 June1998 - Intimate and Live Tour - Adelaide Thebarton Theatre
19 March 2001 - On a Night Like This Tour - London Hammersmith Apollo
5 January 2007 - Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour - London Wembley Arena
11 June 2011 - Aphrodite les Folies Tour - Sydney Entertainment Centre (lovely Ellis got this for my birthday last year)
PS I also saw Kylie at the G-A-Y club in 2000 when she did a PA to promote SPINNING AROUND. She did a 6 song set and also did a cover of Culture Club's VICTIMS.

My Favourite Kylie Albums 

My Kylie Top Thirteen
These are my favourite Kylie tracks in no particular order except for Number 1. Not all are singles or her number 1's but tracks that i have loved throughout her career. You will notice 3 songs from the 'Rhythm of Love' album which I think was a defining moment for her. There are a few album tracks, maybe a b-side here and there. What are your favourite Kylie songs?
BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (1990) - there is nothing left to say about this song.
DID IT AGAIN (1997) - 2nd single from much neglected 'Impossible Princess' album. The video is totes amazing.
GET OUTTA MY WAY (2011) - amazing 2nd single from 'Aphrodite'.
AUTOMATIC LOVE (1994) - great album track from 'Kylie Minogue' (ie her 5th album)
HAND ON YOUR HEART (1989) - this is so bubblegum but i love it none-the-less from 'Enjoy Yourself'.
WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO (1990) - Amazing. The video has so many defining images.
SPINNING AROUND (2000) - the pop comeback of 2000. Hello Number 1 position.
SHOCKED (1990) - another great song from 'Rhythm of Love'.
WOW (2007) - great track from 'X'. It was great to have Kylie back!
MADE IN HEAVEN (1988) - bubblegum Kylie but its brilliant. B-side from the 1st album.
BURNING UP (2001) - last track on Fever. Amazing. Also a song title for Madonna I do believe.
I BELIEVE IN YOU (2004) - Scissor Sisters Collaboration which was a marriage made in heaven

Kylie singsIF YOU DON'T LOVE ME 
Kylie sang this song on the 'Aphrodite les Folies' tour and it was so moving. I then discovered she sang this song for MTV in 1995. This is a Prefab Sprout song but I love Kylie's version.

My 12inch Kylie Picture Disc Collection
I Believe in You, WOW, Slow and Chocolate all in Kylie 12inch picture disc glory
Let the K25 celebrations begin
Kylie is planning a year full of celebrations as part of K25. She has revamped her website (including a K25 timeline, has announced her participation in the 2012 Sydney Mardi Gras in March 2012 and released an acoustic version of FINER FEELINGS recorded at the Abbey Road Studios. WOW! Cannot wait to see what else Kylie has up her sleeve for 2012 as part of K25.


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    1. Thanks K! i'll see if I can find the energy for some more "megaposts"!

  2. Brilliant Kylie update! Thank you. I have a soft spot for Rhythm Of Love too. It defined my year in Sydney. I saw the tour at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and me and my friend bought some merch (long sleeved black t-shirts) and then paraded up and down Oxford St in them for the rest of the night! That was also the era of the legendary Kylie Show at the Albury Hotel

    Simon x

    1. Oh WOW Simon. A bit of Kylie/Simon History there. Love it! Its a pity the Albury now is a PUMA store. I think you were in Sydney during the Golden age for the gays. xphillip

    2. My top 11 K25 tracks in no order except the first!

      1 - Love At First Sight
      2 - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
      3 - Love Affair
      4 - Slow
      5 - In My Arms
      6 - Confide In Me
      7 - Spinning Around
      8 - Where The Wild Roses Grow (with Nick Cave)
      9 - Step Back In Time
      10 - Red Blooded Woman
      11 - Boy

      And my favourite Kylie album is Fever closely followed by Body Language (controversial I know!).


    3. Hey Jimbo, Great list! Red Blooded Woman came close in my top 11.
      I have to disagree completely with Body Language. Its not a strong enough album overall, even though there were some great collaborators involved.

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