Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kylie and the AntiTour - what do you want to hear?

I am seeing Kylie next Tuesday in Sydney on her AntiTour of b-sides, rarities, covers and other rarely performed songs. Kylie is now asking her fans which songs they want included in the setlist on her FACEBOOK page. Go there now and have your say peoples!

Here are the songs I want to hear:
Made in Heaven  (b side)
Turn it into Love (album track)
In Denial (song with Pet Shop Boys)
Victims (Culture Club cover)
Burning Up (album track)
Automatic Love (album track)
Did it Again (rarely performed)
I Believe in You (rarely performed)



  1. I would love to hear Love Is The Drug from the X sessions, recorded with Calvin Harris, her best non album track by far!


  2. I think that song would really suit Kylie's voice particularly in a stripped back live performance. Can't wait for Tuesday night to come around!

  3. Yes well Sunday should be amazing! I will be a zombie at work the next day - it doesn't start until after midnight!

    I'm not overly up with a lot of the demos or b-sides so i'm hoping some album tracks get an airing.

    Also on my wish list would be:

    Made of Glass
    Secret (Take You Home)
    Sweet Music
    Love Affair
    Where Has The Love Gone
    Things Can Only Get Better


  4. I think its going to be interesting to see what she plays. I think she's got to do a good mixture of songs that people want to hear. I am also not an expert on Kylie b sides so am hoping for some album tracks and covers thrown in! I am sure it will be amazing.