Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kylie's Anti Tour in Sydney

So there we were last night, me and my bestie at the Big Top in Luna Park, Sydney seeing Kylie Minogue celebrate K25. It was a glorious sunny day in Sydney yesterday with bright blue skies and even Kylie mentioned this at the beginning of her set which really did set the tone for an even more fabulous evening. The Anti Tour didn't fail to deliver as Kylie sang songs throughout her career which had rarely been performed including mostly b-sides and album tracks. It was an amazing opportunity to see Kylie with just a band singing her heart out. There was no SHOW, no PRODUCTION just Kylie (OK there were a few lights and projections - a girl does need a laser show for some songs!). The best songs for me were the album tracks like ALWAYS FIND THE TIME, I DON'T NEED ANYONE, DRUNK and TOO MUCH as it is very rare that artists perform album tracks live. Kylie also did snippets of other songs including the first B-Side GLAD TO BE ALIVE, WORD IS OUT, RAINBOW CONNECTION and LOVING YOU. It was interesting to hear early Kylie and those bubblegum flavours like MADE IN HEAVEN (my fave B-Side), I'M DREAMING OVER YOU and  GOT TO BE CERTAIN intermixed with more modern Kylie CHERRY BOMB and B.P.M. but it worked. Kylie was a HIT. Kylie wore a cut off denim shorts with a tshirt and changed for the encore. There was little merchandise, a few tshirts, a tote bag and some badges but this tour isn't about the Merch. This year is about K25 (see my K25 post) and Ms Minogue really delivered for her fans tonight. Thankyou Ms Minogue for the most AMAZING concert and to hear songs which we never ordinarily hear. What a doll! 
Sydney Anti Tour 8pm show Setlist 
Magnetic Electric 
Made in Heaven 
Cherry Bomb 
Mighty Rivers 
I'm Over Dreaming (Over You) 
Always Find the Time 
You're the One 
Paper Dolls 
Say Hey 
Too Much 
Bittersweet Goodbye 
Disco Down 
I Don't Need Anyone 
Got to Be Certain 
Things Can Only Get Better 
That's Why They Write Love Songs 
Tears on My Pillow 
Enjoy Yourself 



  1. Outstanding post! Thank you very much for posting. I was near sick here in San Francisco when I saw the set list, that I had to miss these first shows. But I am very happy you were there so you could share this wonderful media with the less fortunate.

  2. P.S. I linked your page to my Anti TOur Blog. ;-)

    1. Thanks Kyle! Glad you enjoyed my post. Youtube anti tour and you can see lots of peformances from Melbourne and hopefully Sydney in the next day or so. Cross fingers she brings the show stateside! All the best

  3. Sounds great and she still looks amazing, very glad to hear you had such a wonderful time!!

  4. Thanks Annika. Was a great concert! xp