Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lets celebrate Sydney Mardi Gras

Tonight is the Parade for the Sydney Mardi Gras Festival. I am volunteering this year and will be helping to register all the floats in the 5km parade. There are 9160 people participating this year. Thats ALOT of people to organise so I am really looking forward to doing my bit towards such a major event in Sydney, but particularly for the gay and lesbian community. Kylie Minogue is the star performer this year as she will headline the dance party which is a SELLOUT (the first time in a longtime) - way to go Kyles! There are a number of other gay superstars in town for Mardi Gras including RuPaul, Sam SparroGeorge Michael (not on any official Mardi Gras business - just hanging out in his new favourite city) and Belinda Carlisle (who just happens to be touring here - I wonder if she'll be a surprise act at the party?). Here is Kylie's last performance at the Mardi Gras dance party from 1998. Check out those drag queens! Amazing!

Kylie has done a great interview with local magazine the Sydney Star Observer about why she wanted to perform at this year's Sydney Mardi Gras Festival as part of her K25 celebrations (see my K25 post) and what we can expect from the Princess of Pop.

The Parade and other highlights from the festival can be watched on MardiGrasTV a NEW initiative this year.

In 2010 as part of the Sydney Mardi Gras Festival, artist Spencer Tunick created one his art installations of people which I participated in called THE BASE. It was exhillarating to be naked in such a wide open space with a whole bunch of people I didn't know. We had to be there by 5am and the photos were taken as soon as the sun rose ( I think it was around 6.30am when the first photos were taken) . Unfortunately it was a very overcast day but everyone was still happy and excited to be such of a unique art project. I attach for you one of the photos I took from the side.You can see further images from his Sydney trip here.
The Base by Spencer Tunick
I hope everyone has a great Mardi Gras and may your glitter shine bright tonight and forever!

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