Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Song by PJ Harvey

I have been listening to the brilliant LET ENGLAND SHAKE album by PJ HARVEY all week. It really is an amazing album. One of my favourite songs is ENGLAND. As someone who lived in the UK for 8 years it is obviously a subject that is very close to me.  I would describe this song as melancholia beauty. The images in the video are inspiring and very Martin Parr-esque. PJ Harvey has made a video for each of the songs on the album which can be viewed on her website. Enjoy your Sunday, I am off to see the film Carnage.


  1. I'll start watching those videos later today - having some rare sunshine at the moment so will be out in that first. She's always amazing but haven't quite got into this album - yet;) x

  2. This album is well worth getting into. Its more of an autumn/winter album and probably not the best soundtrack to a sunny day!