Monday, January 2, 2012

Format by the Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys were in Sydney for New Years Eve a few days ago. Here are Neil's comments on the show from the Pets website. I didn't go to the gig which was a bit of a spectacular with Culture Club and Jamiroquai also on the bill. Neil also did an interview on ABC radio in the leadup to the gig.
They will also release 'Format' in February which is their 2nd album of b-sides and unreleased songs.
I have been a member of the Pet Shop Boys Fanclub for the past 4 years. I originally joined in 2002 when I wanted to join a fanclub as part of my New Year's resolution. You would be surprised how few bands still operate a fanclub? If you haven't already guessed they are one of my favourite bands of all time. Neil and Chris are so funny and witty and they have consistently made great music since they began in the eary 80's.
One of my favourite Pet Shop Boys songs is NUMB from the 'Fundamental' album penned by Dianne Warren and was originally written for Aerosmith of all people!

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