Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Original Sugababes NOT to reform

I LOVE the Sugababes. Let me re-phrase that, I loved the Sugababes circa 2000 to 2006 (thats version 1.0 and 2.0).

Siobhan left in 2001 and that was forgivable. Once Mutya left in 2006, it really wasn't the same band anymore. When Keisha left, it was like 'isn't it time to call it a day girls'? Apparently the pop juggernaut website that is Popjustice announced a re-union was in the works last Friday but this was refuted yesterday on the Guardian website with all three girls focussing on their "solo careers". Siobhan's 2 solo album's, 'Revolution in Me' and 'Ghosts' are both amazing records. Mutya on the other hand has not been so fortunate on the solo front. Her debut album didn't set the charts on fire but her collaboration with Groove Armada SONG FOR MUTYA was a POP Classic and my TOP SONG of 2007. I didn't realise she still had a solo career? Apparently Keisha is working on her debut album.

I am not sure who to believe or whats going on in the Sugababes world. If they did re-unite it would be one of the best POP Re-unions in recent years. Being in one of the bitchiest bands cannot be easy and if we think about it, that has been the main reason for all the changes in the band's lineup over the years. 
I managed to see Sugababes live in London in April 2007 at the Hammersmith Apollo. Armelle was very new and very nervous from what I remember. She was focussing on her dance steps and staying out of Keisha's harms way. Keisha owned the stage and had STAR POWER and I was scared of her, just watching her sing in concert. I clearly remember going to front of the stage with my friend Fran and grabbing a random child and pretending I was a parent so I didn't have to go back to our crappy seats! Good times.

Here is one of the best Sugababes songs of all time - 'Run for Cover'.


  1. It hasn't been confirmed that the Sugababes aren't reforming. In fact, its a lot more likely that they are than not. Read Popjustice forums.

  2. I shall visit the almighty popjustice to keep abreast of the sugababes version 1.0 reunion but as of yesterday this was the situation. Thanks for caring enough to leave a comment. Does this mean you are Pro-reunion?