Thursday, January 26, 2012

I take it back - Sugababes (Version 1.0) to REFORM

Emeli Sande has confirmed to MTV News that she has penned a song for the original Sugababes. I recently posted that the Sugababes were not reforming which was confirmed by some of the members (and is now obviously cobblers). Emeli said when asked of the rumours of the Sugababes reforming:
"Yes, that is true. I’ve written for the original line-up of the Sugababes, which I’m very happy about because I just loved them when they first came out."
"I loved their sound, it was so cool. It was very different, so I’m happy to kind of be involved in what started the whole Sugababes journey. It sounds amazing."
Gird you loins pop lovers as we get ready for the return of the original anti-girl band band! They haven't even released a tune and there's drama. Great to have you back girls and can't wait to hear your new tunes.

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