Saturday, January 21, 2012

I want this record

There are some records that take you back to a certain time. The Time Bandits had some success in Australia in late 1984 and throughout 1985. This was a pivotal time for me as i started high school in 1985. I clearly remember ENDLESS ROAD and I'M ONLY SHOOTING LOVE and for some reason these two songs have stuck with me. I managed to find 'Endless Road' on 12 inch at a record fair in Melbourne a few years ago. Now i need to complete my Time Bandits puzzle by finding 'I'm Only Shooting Love'. In the meantime you can see some 80's pop brilliance below.


  1. I have it on 12inch and also have the album on vinyl that this was on!

    Love Time Bandits - Listen To The Man With The Golden Voice & Dancing On A String are also gold!


  2. OK must add the album to my hit list too!