Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sydney Festival First Night - Washington

I am off to Sydney Festival First Night tomorrow night where the best acts (usually musical) perform for free in and around central Sydney. Acts include Manu Chao and Washington. Lets be honest here, I am only going to see Washington, even though i've seen her 3 times before and i am also going to her concert as part of the Festival (see previous post) where she'll be performing her album 'Insomnia' in full. The best thing about Washington is that there is no-one else quite like her in the Australian music scene. She has the ability to write amazing songs and look at her, she's just a doll! My friend Ellis Parrinder photographed her and here is one of his amazing photos.
My favourite Washington song is RICH KIDS, maybe because it was the first song of hers that I ever heard and instantly loved. The video is totes amazing!

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