Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Talking to girls about duran duran

I have just finished reading a funny book titled 'Talking to girls about duran duran" written by Rolling Stone writer Robert Sheffield. OMG this book is like an 80's wet dream come to life. Each chapter is devoted to a song as Rob lives through the 80's from High School to University and tries to find love. There are alot of laughs to be had in this book. From all the new waves bands you could wish for, to advising Debbie Gibson to go down the punk rock route, the brilliance of John Hughes and Cassingles to the Banana Splits, his love for the Smiths (not the 2nd album) and Madonna, this is an 80's must read. The last chapter is devoted to Duran Duran - why girls like them so much, why Rob loves Duran so much and why Duran love Duran so much! I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves Duran Duran, the 80's, music or anyone who was a teenager between the years 1980 to 1989 (particularly if you lived those years in Boston). This book was published in 2010 and I hate to admit it but I did buy this in a bargain bookshop in Sydney but it was worth every cent! He has also written another book "Love is a Mix Tape" which i now must read!

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